Worldwide movie star Jude Law is one of our most famous producers. The Oscar nominated actor has been extremely generous in providing his support to the project. To kick-start this, he produced a promotional video to spread the word of the website. For this we are extremely grateful as it is enabling us to break boundaries that were otherwise impassable. Jude says he is looking forward to seeing where the first part of the project goes and is keen to help us with the film itself! He even says he sees a lot of himself in us! Now if that’s not encouraging then I don’t know what is!

We are extremely proud and excited to have the backing of Oscar Winning actress Whoopi Goldberg on BUYACREDIT.COM. The famed actress and comedienne whose name is known throughout the world loved the project and agreed to make a support video to help spread the word. We are overjoyed that she took to the idea and became a producer on the film. The massive seal of approval she has given us is just priceless, and she continues to be a strong beacon of help and guidance on the project, for which we are incredibly grateful.

The legendary and incomparable Academy Award winning screen and stage actor, Jeremy Irons is a strong supporter of BUYACREDIT.COM and a producer on the film. Jeremy has been a source of behind-the-scenes support and guidance since early on in the project, and has now given us his full public backing. To have the endorsement of such a revered and respected figure-head in the movie industry is just staggering, and as such, there are no words that can aptly or deservedly describe how we feel about having him involved.

Sir Ian McKellen, an indisputable legend of both the stage and screen is most widely known for his roles as Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and Magneto in X-Men. We are honoured that this great man took time out of his busy schedule to meet us, where he pledged his full support to the project; both financially and practically.

Rowan Atkinson, the international star of Mr Bean and Blackadder has been a very generous supporter of the BUYACREDIT.COM project ever since he bought a credit and became a producer on “Clovis Dardentor” at the end of 2009. We are so excited to be in correspondence with such a clever and talented man who is a constant source of great help and advice.

Stephen Fry, one of Britain’s true national treasures is a very active and generous supporter of BUYACREDIT.COM. From tweeting about the project numerous times, to meeting up with us for feature film discussions, Stephen hasn’t hesitated to get stuck in. We are so grateful for his continued support and ever growing generosity – knowing that help is just a phone call away. One day we were watching him on TV, the next we were dining with him and crowning him the King of Twitter at Jeff Pulver’s #140 Conference at the O2. We still can’t believe it!

Joanna Lumley is another much loved national treasure, best known for her two timeless characters, Purdy in ‘The Avengers’ and Patsy in ‘Absolutely Fabulous’. Joanna saw great potential in the project and became one of our first famous supporters. She very kindly agreed to lend her iconic voice to one of our introductory videos.

Household names Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee first gave us their support when they agreed to be part of our short promotional film “JAM”. Since then, when we told them about the project, they’ve both become producers on the film!

Celebrated British comedian Frank Skinner showed his support for BUYACREDIT.COM by starring in our short film ‘JAM’ in which he delivered a fantastic performance. He was very impressed with the project as a whole and has offered continued help and guidance for our future plans.

TV Star Phillip Schofield has helped move the project forward in many ways. He starred in our short film ‘JAM’ and invited us to join him on ITV’s This Morning for an interview. He was also the first famous supporter to tweet about the website, which really helped get us known on the net!

We first had the pleasure of meeting Myleene Klass during an interview on CNN’s ‘The Screening Room’. She instantly warmed to the project and after the interview, we got chatting about ideas for how things could progress. It was fantastic to hear her talk about BUYACREDIT.COM with such enthusiasm both on and off screen.

TV and Theatre actress Lynda Bellingham is known by many as the OXO mum and frequent panellist on ITV’s ‘Loose Women’. Lynda lent her hugely distinctive voice to one of BUYACREDIT.COM’s promotional videos, whilst more recently taking part in the short film “JAM”. She has been very supportive and is always there for some friendly advice.

Hugh Bonneville is a highly sought-after TV and Film actor having starred in TV shows such as ‘Bonekickers’ and the hugely famous ‘Notting Hill’ movie. Hugh became a producer on “Clovis Dardentor” by buying a credit last year (without telling us!) A week or so later, whilst scrolling through the list, we were thrilled to see that he had got involved. Since then we have been in regular contact by email where his wise words are always taken onboard.