“It began as a schoolboy dream for three friends who had an ambition to direct their own movie…” - Phillip Schofield, This Morning.

“Three young men have thrown out the rule book of movie production and used the internet to develop their own way of funding a film.” – CNN.

“If you’ve ever had dreams of following in the footsteps of Spielberg or Scorcese, take note. Three teenagers pursuing their dreams of film-making have set up an innovative project that they want everyone to be a part of.” – BBC News.

“This is just the best way to get your foot in the door.” – Whoopi Goldberg.

So what is it all about?

Before the days of Indiegogo and Kickstarter, we set about to raise funds and awareness for our feature film ‘Killing Clovis Dardentor’ by selling its end credits to the public – the first project of its kind. Whilst still at school, we earned the support of some of the world’s best loved stars and enjoyed extensive international press coverage. From having coffee with Jude Law in New York to making our very first short film with Stephen Fry and Frank Skinner – we had the time of our lives. But it is not over yet. Our ultimate goal is to make and release “Killing Clovis Dardentor”, an adaptation of a forgotten Jules Verne novel, left unpublished for over a century.

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What our supporters have said:

“This is a great idea. I see a lot of myself in these guys.” – Jude Law

A superb idea, superbly implemented. Proud to be a small part of it.” – Stephen Fry

“If you’ve ever wanted to make it to the movies, then here’s your chance. Three schoolboys have come up with an innovative idea to get the money they need to fund their own film.” - ITV News

“Three British teenagers are championing a novel approach to film financing. On the website buyacredit.com, people can purchase the right to have their name added to the list of credits. The prospect of three rosy-cheeked teenagers making a feature film seems to have captured the imagination of many Britons…” – The New York Times

“Hollywood is a notoriously impenetrable fortress, upon whose gates so many youthful filmmaking dreams have crumbled. But three ruddy, British film-club geeks—Adrian Bliss, Toby Stubbs, and Ben Robbins—are poised to break their way in using a battering ram known as the Internet. The idea behind their website, buyacredit.com, was so simple that only someone unfamiliar with—and thus unintimidated by—the intricate mechanics of the film industry could have concocted it.” – Vanity Fair

“Their movie isn’t out yet – or even made – but three teenage filmmakers already have video promotions from Jude Law and Stephen Fry. Determined to become filmmakers, the trio hatched their plan during their final year in a London secondary school. They used the Internet, social networking and a bit of bluster to get their production off the ground.” - The Huffington Post